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An attractive mix of TV programs, Internet, e-mail services & interactivity

NGB's vision:
NGB will become one of the world's leading digital terrestrial pay TV service operators in emerging markets.

NGB's mission:
Bridge the digital divide by providing accessible, affordable digital television to millions of people in the developing world.

NGB's goal:

  • Offer a well established, independent and reliable distribution platform of digital terrestrial technology to the domestic as well as the international television industry.
  • Create and provide the domestic TV market with an attractive, competitive and evolving consumer package with the right mix of TV programs, Internet, e-mail services and interactivity.
  • Provide the consumer with access to the free-to-air channels on digital terrestrial technology, plus a package of 8-20 pay TV channels as part of the Television bouquet.

NGB's strength:
NGB has the tools, the knowledge, the skills and the network to analyse the opportunities in the market. Together with our financial partners, NGB can create successful relationships between key domestic and international stakeholders that are vital to the success of Digital Terrestrial pay TV.