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This is NGB
- Next Generation Broadcasting

NGB design, build and operate Pay TV services on Digital Terrestrial Television Networks. This means NGB: select and aggregate channel packages, design and manage a Subscriber Management System, market the Pay TV service, establish dealer networks to sell and make the services available, provide customer service to end consumers.

Driven by the digitalization of global broadcasting markets, NGB was founded in 2006. The aim is to provide affordable, widely accessible and readily available, post- and prepaid digital terrestrial TV services to audiences in Asia. Analogue terrestrial TV services in these markets are often inadequate. At the same time, rising disposable personal incomes - fuelled by economic development - have increased the demand for both international and local quality electronic media services. As a service operator NGB aims to fulfil this demand.

NGB is expanding the pay TV market by offering its services on an affordable digital network solution, thus attracting new consumer groups to pay TV. By offering the consumer tailor-made content packages with digital quality at an affordable price, large groups can now enjoy first-class entertainment - people who previously could only dream of enjoying the quality entertainment offered by Pay TV. NGB is therefore contributing to bridge the digital divide that exists today in emerging markets.

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